Our job board was created exclusively for medical companies and select agency recruiters to post their national openings to find qualified medical sales and sales management talent.

We do not charge jobseekers any fee to view and apply to active job listings like some of the other job boards that specialize in medical.

Advertise your job to thousands of medical sales professionals

Why employers are selecting our niche job board MedicalReps when searching for great sales talent in the USA and around the world?

  • We attract qualified candidates and we only focus on people and talents in the medical industry.
  • Fast results - We make it quicker and easier to find the right people.
  • Re-Distributed on the linkedIn and other key social media platforms.
  • Mobile-optimized job view to reach candidates where they spend their time.
  • Stick your job post to the top of MedicalReps.com (frontpage) for one month (best deal - only +$15).
  • Very affordable pricing model. We accept all major credit cards


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